In less than a  decade, there has been a sharp increase in the numbers of young people presenting with distress about their gender.  For many of these young people, the distress manifested itself for the first time in adolescence. There is a paucity of quality, evidence-informed  and de-politicized information and guidance on how to help gender-distressed youth in a way that prioritizes their long-term health.

SEGM is working on creating practice guidance to help clinicians care for gender-dysphoric youth. The practice guidance will articulate key principles in working with youth to support them along their vitally important journey toward maturity in a developmentally informed way that prioritizes their longer-term mental and physical health. 

This project is both time and resource-intensive.  We are collaborating with a number of top experts in a range of areas from systematic evidence reviews and ethics of informed consent, to mental health professionals with substantial expertise in working with gender-dysphoric youth. 

Please help us with your contribution. This practice guidance will be published in 2021 and will be distributed to physical and mental health clinicians and non-clinical professionals interested in evidence-based recommendations in this rapidly evolving area of medicine.

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